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Innovation for Ecological Transition

Companies, organizations, institutions, and individuals are finally aware of the impact of their choices. Ecological Transition is now a primary objective of international policies and it has become critical for the survival and growth of any business who need to fill a huge gap in the availability of sustainability professionals.

Strategies and tools for Sustainability Management

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Self-paced with regular deadlines.

Modules will run every two weeks on our Executive Online Campus. 

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November 2023

Duration is 10 weeks

3 hrs/week

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1500 € (VAT included)

What you will learn

By participating in dynamic, interactive modules taught by leading experts in the key fields of Ecological Transition, you will learn:

What is Ecological Transition and why it is fundamental to face today's challenges.

What is the most effective way to move from a linear to a circular economy model and what tools are necessary to facilitate this transition.

How innovation is a crucial starting point for ecological transition to happen.

How to formulate effective business strategies that promote carbon neutrality.

Which are the key stakeholders of the ecological transition and how to develop effective strategies to engage, communicate, and collaborate with them.

How to analyze the environmental impact of the energy sector, focusing on energy dependence and examining future scenarios.



Meet our experts and world-class leaders

Program content

Here are the steps to reach your learning goals, led by the most authoritative experts in the field

 Module 1  

Introducing Ecological Transition

What is Ecological Transition and why it is so important for companies that want to achieve sustainable growth and remain competitive

Commitment to the SDGs

EIIS is committed to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the 2030 United Nations Agenda. Through this Executive Program you can contribute to the achievement of the following goals:

Are you the right candidate for this Program?

This Program requires passion and commitment. Show us that you are the right candidate and you can bring value to the Program and to all its participants.

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