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Our Campus


Palazzo Taverna

Via di Monte Giordano, 36

Five centuries of history hosting the most innovative ideas. What better place in the world for our headquarters in Rome?

EIIS was born in the heart of Rome, in the evocative setting of Palazzo Taverna Aldobrandini, a 15th-century, aristocratic palace a few steps away from Piazza Navona and Castel Sant'Angelo.


Widespread Campus

The city's artistic spirit and immeasurable cultural heritage are the perfect starting points for shaping the world ahead of us. However, despite the uniqueness of the Palace that hosts us, we have always believed it is essential to go beyond our usual way of thinking and acting. This is why we pursue the idea of a widespread campus. We hold some of our courses on board sailing ships, in natural reserves, in aerospace companies, museums, and much more.

B-in touch

Let’s stay in touch! Whether you have a question, suggestion, or project in store. Or if you simply want to meet us. We’d love to hear from you!

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