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Do you work in hospitality and your main challenge is sustainability?

Join the Tourism & Sustainability Management Certificate Program and turn sustainability into a business opportunity

The course will start in March 2024 and is limited to a maximum of 30 participants.

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Online + On-Site Experience

Each week will include one live module and one self-paced module.

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March 2024

Duration is 14 weeks

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By completing this course, you will:


Access real-world case studies shared by some of the leading hospitality companies and learn strategies for innovation to make the system more sustainable


Evaluate the impact of resource management on environmental, social, and economic aspects of tourism.


Implementing sustainable practices for efficient resource utilization and preservation.​


Communicate effectively about Sustainable Tourism principles and practices.


Develop all the skills and knowledge necessary to actively contribute to a more sustainable future in the Tourism industry.


Engage with stakeholders to promote Sustainable Tourism initiatives.


Explore and navigate the complexities of sustainable destination management.

The Tourism & Sustainability Management Certificate Program will start in March 2024 and is limited to a maximum of 30 participants.


Applications will close soon, to get more information about the course book a call with our Admissions Team now!

The  Program

Module 1

Introduction to Sustainable Tourism

Module 2

Water management in tourism facilities and attractions

Module 3

Ecotourism and Nature-based Tourism

Module 11

Communicating Sustainable Tourism

Module 12

The Future of Sustainable Tourism

Module 13

On-site Experience

Module 4

Bioclimatic Architecture and Sustainable Infrastructure

Module 14

Graduation Ceremony

Module 5

Sustainable Tourism and Business Opportunities

Module 6

The Customer Experience: Enhancing sustainable practices

Module 7

The Legal Framework: Sustainable Tourism Policies and Regulations

Module 8

Ethical and Cultural Responsible Traveling

Module 9

The Debate

Module 10

Case Studies in Sustainable Tourism


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Meet some of the course’s experts. Get ready to be engaged by their incredible passion!


The On-Site Experience

Embark on an exciting 2-day experience at one of Marriott's flagship eco-friendly hotels in Europe. 


Discover firsthand the strategies employed by Marriott to maintain a balance between resource management, sustainable economic growth, and environmental preservation. 

Your journey concludes with an exciting graduation ceremony where you'll present your project to Marriott's managers, receive a certification, and join a closing-course dinner to celebrate your achievements with your peers.

Our approach

Challenge Based Learning

Our Challenge Based Learning approach requires participants to assess real-life situations and produce viable, pragmatic solutions.

Traditional learning methods are typically influenced by various aspects that are not always engaging in a multilevel classroom.

This is why EIIS adopts Challenge Based Learning, a learning methodology that starts from a real problem and engages participants to solve a challenge.

The challenge stimulates the process of sharing new ideas, applying one's personal strengths in a collaborative environment which as a result makes learning fun and inspiring.

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