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Raffaele M. Maiorano

Program Director
Owner - Azienda Agricola Raffaele Maria Maiorano

Raffaele M. Maiorano is an entrepreneur in agriculture and runs three farms in southern and central Italy, producing Pecorino Crotonese DOP cheese, organic olive oil, cereals, oranges and fresh vegetables. He was president of the Italian young farmers for six years and was interim chairman of Gfar, the global forum on agricultural research and innovaDon at FAO. He collaborated with Gambero Rosso and he’s a consultant for startup and agribusiness companies. He’s a shareholder and partner of XFarm (farm management system and digital soluDons), Associated Medias (strategical communicaDon) and several agribusiness companies. He is a journalist and worked for many newspapers and press agencies. He’s in charge for Sdg’s and sustainability’s strategies at Confagricoltura, the oldest farmers organizaDon in Italy and Europe and former Chief Sustainability officer at Impakter, an online magazine and plaSorm. He wrote the books “SDGs4Business” and “Management dell’agribusiness”.

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