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Sustainable Agrifood System Management

Cultivating Positive Change, from Farm to Fork

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Online Classes +
On-Site Experience

Modules will run on our Digital Campus

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May 2024

10 months of lectures + 2 months of project work

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What you will learn

By participating in dynamic and interactive modules, featuring world-renowed experts you will:

Acquire energy and water management capabilities to assess and regulate these resources’ impact within your target system;

Equip yourselft with key knowledge in management, alternative finance, business models and budgeting applied to the agrifood context;

Develop skills and knowledge to innovate and manage sustainable processes within your organization;

Learn how to set up your own sustainable agrifood business;

Learn how to leverage cross-contamination between sectors to achieve the sustainability goals of your organization;

Exchange feedback with key international players of the agrifood system coming from the most important organizations and UN agencies.



Based Learning

At the core of our program lies a challenge. You will work with your classmates to find a solution to problems major companies and organizations have encountered or are currently facing in their journey becoming circular businesses. The Challenge Based Learning methodology (CBL) will help you achieve a deeper understanding of the subject and develop the skills you need to become a leader of change in a world scenario that is constantly evolving.

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Commitment to the SDGs

EIIS is committed to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the 2030 United Nations Agenda. Through this Master's Program you can contribute to the achievement of the following goals: