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Domenico Dentoni

Full Professor | Chair COAST - Montpellier Business School

Domenico Dentoni is Full Professor in Business, Resilience and Transformation and Co-Director of the Communication and OrgAnizing for Sustainable Transformations (COAST) at Montpellier Business School (MBS) since 2021. He spent 10 years as professor at Wageningen University. Domenico’s research seeks to understand why, when and how organizations coordinate across scales (or fails to do so) to address complex sustainability problems. Domenico specializes in novel applications of systems thinking and systems mapping within and across organizations in multiple industries including food, agriculture, energy and water. For these projects, Domenico has acquired and managed 3 million EUR in grants from national and international public organizations (2011-2022). Domenico is author of more than 70 international publications. His studies have been published in business journals such as Journal of Business Venturing, Organization Studies, Journal of Business Ethics as well as sustainable food and agriculture journals such as Food Policy, Marine Policy, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability and Ecosystem Services. His research was awarded by the US non-profit Food Tank: The Think Tank for Food as one of the Top 25 world leaders ‘shaking the current food systems’.

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