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Thais Russomano

Co-Founder & CEO, InnovaSpace UK

Thais Russomano is a Brazilian doctor and scientific researcher specialising in space medicine, space physiology, biomedical engineering, telemedicine and telehealth. She founded the Microgravity Centre (MicroG) at PUCRS university, Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 1999, coordinating it for 18 years until 2017. The MicroG is the first educational and research centre in Space Life Sciences in Latin America. She is a senior lecturer at King's College London, lecturing in Aviation and Space related courses; coordinator of the Space Network (Rede Espaço), University of Lisbon; guest lecturer at Aalto University, Finland in Space and Design; guest lecturer at Pfarrkirchen Institute of Technology, European Campus, contributing to the MSc in Medical Informatics; consultant for the Skolkovo Foundation; member of the Mars One Advisory Board; International Relations Director for the UK-based HuSCO, Human Spaceflight Capitalization Office; and director of two private companies linked to space life sciences and telehealth – InnovaSpace Consultancy (UK) and International Space Medicine Consortium (USA).

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