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Andrea Geremicca

Director General, EIIS

Andrea Germicca, the Director General of the European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability, has dedicated a considerable amount of time to working on innovation for sustainability. He investigates daily how to drive innovation to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. Andrea attended the Harvard Business School Exec, where he studied how to drive innovation in large organizations. He also attended Singularity University at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley, investigating the impacts of exponential technologies on our society. Recently, he became a Faculty Member at Singularity University as a global expert on innovation for sustainability and future scenarios. Andrea is also an adjunct professor at LUISS and LUMSA University and has enjoyed being a guest lecturer at Harvard - Kennedy School and Sciences Po. As an engaging speaker, he spoke at two TEDx events, sharing his insights and experiences with diverse audiences. In addition, Andrea has been writing for Harvard Business Review Italia since 2019 on new trends and future scenarios. Recently, he authored a book on the circular economy, further solidifying his expertise and passion for sustainable innovation.

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