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Marina Spadafora

Country Coordinator - Fashion Revolution Italy

Marina Spadafora is an internationally known designer who has started her career with her own brand and has collaborated with luxury brands such as Ferragamo, Prada, Miu Miu and Marni. She is a pioneer in sustainability and started her commitment to a more fair fashion industry in 2008. She has been one of the most prominent voices in sustainability and has participated in international projects to further the cause during her career. She is a public speaker and has done three Ted Talks. Marina's motto is "Fashion with a Mission" believing that we can bring development through fashion in emerging economies. She has collaborated several times with the United Nations on projects around the world and was awarded the Women together award at the UN headquarters in New York City in 2015 for the impact her work has had on artisan communities made principally of women. Marina has been a professor since 2006 teaching to thousands of students in Italy and abroad a new approach to Fashion.
Marina is an author and her first book written with journalist Luisa Ciuni "La rivoluzione comincia dal tuo armadio" has been published in 2020. Marina is the italian country coordinator of Fashion Revolution since 2014.

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