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Charafat Afailal

Former Minister in charge of water - Moroccan Government

Charafat Afailal, was the Minister in charge of water in the Moroccan government between 2013 and 2018 and is currently an expert on water resources and member of steering committee of Global Water Partnership.
Over the past 26 years since graduating with an Engineering degree, Ms Charafat Afailal has accumulated a rich expertise in the field of: water governance, planning, integrated water resources management, climate change adaptation strategies, Gender mainstreaming in water sector, Management and implementation of Nexus projects, PPP projects structuring…
Ms Charafat Afailal also played an important role in the recognition of water as the sector most affected by climate change, which culminated in the organisation of the Water Action Day during COP 22 by CCNUCC, in this sense she chaired the first International Conference on Water and Climate in Rabat in 2016.
She has published numerous articles in the field of water governance and sustainable development.
Mrs Charafat Afailal is a former parliamentarian in the Moroccan Representative House from 2011 to 2013.

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