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Jessica Berliner

Director and Co-founder - Learn Biomimicry

Jess's unwavering passion for nature, education, and design propelled her career from commercial design to specializing in biomimicry education.
In 2020, she co-founded Learn Biomimicry to offer a public platform for the Biomimicry Foundational Courses that she designed with Claire Janisch.
After two years as Managing Director, Jess transitioned to the role of Product Manager and Course Facilitator, allowing her to focus on the aspects she adores. With over a decade of experience, she played a vital role in fostering the biomimicry community in South Africa through lecturing, local workshops, and meetups. Jess's presentations on biomimicry at universities, corporate companies, and conferences inspire diverse professions, while her background in retail and advertising fuels her determination to enhance product and system design using biomimicry as a transformative tool.

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