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Circular South is a project realized by CONAI and EIIS Solutions Hub that enhances the best circular economy solutions expressed by startups and young talents in Southern Italy, connecting them with the most relevant companies.

We are looking for innovative solutions from Southern Italy leading to circular economy

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interested in fostering their projects at an international level


who have developed an idea or a research project







Call for applications

Weekly online mentorship and pitch training sessions

Awarded Idea Presentation at Green Symposium (Naples)

Demo day at EIIS Summit, Palazzo Taverna (Rome)


1to1 meetings

Every week you will meet experts and top managers from your industry, who will guide you through tailor-made mentorship sessions to developing a successful pitch.


Access a network made of hundreds of Universities, Accelerators and Companies and build valuable partnerships to develop your project.

10k award

The best solution will receive €10.000 to implement the idea and will present it at the Green Symposium, Naples, May 3rd, in front of a jury of top industry experts.

Demo day

Meet investors and companies involved in sustainability and circular economy at the EIIS Summit, Palazzo Taverna, Rome, April 22nd, and pitch your idea.

How to apply

Apply through F6S, the platform dedicated to talents, startups and companies worldwide. First sign up to the platform, then start the application form; you will be asked information about the team, the problem you want to solve and the solution you propose.

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