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Master’s Program

Sustainable Agrifood System Management

Join the only Master's Program in the world that involves the top four Food UN agencies: IFAD, UNIDO, FAO, and WFP.

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Online + On-Site Experience

Modules run online, alternating live and self-paced contents.

Live modules will be broadcasted on our platform every Friday.

An onsite experience in Italy is included in the price.


A 15% discount is provided for lump-sum payments by bank transfer.

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Early Bird
7200 €
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Sustainable Agrifood System Management - The Experience

Explore the beautiful Italian countryside and meet the top players of the Sustainable Agrifood System.


Throughout this journey, we will visit the leading producers and learn about the most pressing challenges that the agriculture sector faces. 


We will also uncover innovative solutions that could be put in place to enhance food production while preserving the health of soils and the environment

By participating in dynamic and interactive modules featuring the most authoritative food sustainability experts, you will:


Understand how to measure energy and water impact within your business and how to manage them more efficiently;


Equip yourself with key knowledge in management, alternative finance, business models, and budgeting applied to the agrifood context;


Learn how to leverage cross-contamination between sectors to achieve your organization’s sustainability goals;


Develop frameworks to innovate and manage sustainable processes within your organization;


Learn how to set up, and get funds, for your sustainable agrifood business;


Create a network with key international players of the agrifood system coming from the most important organizations and UN agencies.

The Master's Program “Space Entrepreneurship”

will start in March 2024 and is limited to a maximum of 25 participants. We will soon close registration:

If you would like to participate or obtain more information, book a call with our Admissions Team.

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Meet some of the course’s experts. Get ready to be engaged by their incredible passion!

Program Structure

Module 1

A drop of history & the modern managerial toolkit

Module 2

Startups, credits and finance

Module 3

Innovation of processes and thoughts

Module 4

Innovation of products: new frontiers

Module 5

Efficiency: a circular approach

Module 6

Sectors' cross-pollination 

Module 7

Smart cities: food management system

Module 8

International institutions and cooperation

Module 9

The UN system: role & purpose

Module 10

Regulations & certifications

The “Sustainable Agrifood System Management” Master's program will start in May 2024 and is limited to a maximum of 20 participants. If you are interested in participating or learning more, book a call with our Admissions Team, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Our approach

Challenge Based Learning

Diversity & Inclusion

The Challenge Based Learning methodology works on the principles of experiential learning, that is a process based on experience (understood as doing something).

We ask participants to work in teams to find a solution to a problem that a company or organization has faced in its journey towards sustainability. 

By tackling the challenge, participants acquire deeper knowledge of the context in which the problem originates; develop their teamwork skills, planning and analytical skills, and learn how to apply their learnings to real-life situations.

EIIS is a diverse and inclusive community, where differences are valued. 

Thanks to the Master’s Program, the participants join a thriving community, building international collaborations and widening their network.

Within this collaborative environment, they will have the opportunity to launch their career and discover new areas of interest.

What they say about us

The thing we are most proud of is our community: check out what our alumni have to say about the EIIS experience.