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Solutions Hub

Exploring innovative ideas for corporate challenges



Finding creative ideas or startups for your company is constantly on your agenda when you want innovation to be sustainable. Not a easy task.

EIIS Solutions Hub is a corporate startup program, where a selected group of startups implement joint projects with the established company. 

Thereby, participants work on opportunities and challenges formulated by different business units with the goal of quickly developing a proof-of-concept within the range of 3 to 5 months.

By connecting major organizations with the most innovative startups, we facilitate corporate innovation.


Creating an ongoing relationship between startups and companies to implement innovative solutions aiming at sustainability.


Facilitating innovation by connecting major organizations with the most innovative startups and research centers


100 +


A selection of European startups that offer solutions towards a more sustainable planet 

30 +

Innovation Hubs

Physical or virtual spaces designed to bring together talents and organizations with shared innovation goals.

20 +


A sound network of professors focused on innovation, tecnology and startups.

How does it work?

EIIS Solutions Hub activities consist of finding, assessing, and choosing the top startups to connect with companies. Corporate partners identify key challenges and we introduce them to a selection of startups that explore potential solutions. The ultimate goal is to match corporate needs with the innovative solutions proposed. 

Identify your key challenges

Discover innovations from all over Europe

Meet the right startups

Integrate potential solutions


Open call

Circular South

Call for startups & research projects from Southern Italy within the circular economy

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