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3rd Edition

The goal is to train Italian creators to communicate and raise awareness about sustainability topics with greater resonance. The training included both asynchronous and synchronous modules, with different themes each year.




The Terra Terra project, created by EIIS (European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability) in collaboration with YouTube Italy and the European Parliament, aims to promote and support the dissemination of environmental sustainability topics.
The training, consisting of asynchronous sessions on a dedicated platform and a live Q&A event, involved creators selected by YouTube Italy to raise awareness among a broad audience.

The training focused on three key themes concerning current and near-future environmental challenges, providing detailed and in-depth information on each.
EIIS designed, developed, and coordinated a training program (content + platform) for YouTube Italy, involving over 60 national and international experts.


This collaborative initiative, supported by the European Parliament, YouTube, and the European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability (EIIS), aims to foster a sustainable future.

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creators have been trained across the three editions, receiving a certificate from EIIS.

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