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The project trained PwC's management and their clients from across the Middle East on circular economy and ecological transition, using case studies of sustainable companies. Participants learned to integrate sustainability while maintaining profitability and meeting stakeholder expectations. The 5-week hybrid course concluded with 3 days in-person at the EIIS campus in Rome.


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The project provided targeted training to enhance PwC's management team's expertise in circular economy and ecological transition.Through case studies of leading sustainable businesses, participants gained insights into integrating sustainability into operations while maintaining profitability.
They also learned strategies to meet evolving stakeholder expectations for environmental responsibility. 

Exposure to successful ecological transition strategies stimulated innovative thinking and proactive approaches to sustainability within PwC.
The experience was delivered in a 5 weeks hybrid format, with an initial part dedicated to fundamentals online and 3 days of on-site sessions in the beautiful EIIS Campus in Rome.


Enhancing expertise in sustainability, PwC's management team participated in a 5-week hybrid training program focused on the circular economy and ecological transition.



professionals from PwC Middle East were trained on new skills.

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