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3rd Edition

EIIS developed a course for Enel X on “Product and Service Design” in 8-10 two-day modules.

The marketing & retail team participated to tackle innovation challenges.

Modules were held at different locations to encourage external collaborations.


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EIIS has designed, implemented, and coordinated a university-recognized training program for selected frontline staff of Enel X on the topic of "Product and Service Design."
The program consists of 8-10 educational modules delivered over 2 days in-person. 
The marketing & retail team, comprising seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds, took center stage in the course.
Beyond the traditional presence of engineers, the company recognized the importance of a diverse team to tackle innovation challenges.

The synergy between technical expertise and creative visions became the driving force behind this cultural transformation project.
What made this initiative unique was EIIS's strategic choice to host each module of the program in different locations, utilizing its dispersed campus and engaging in significant external collaborations. This approach fostered fruitful dialogue with experts from various backgrounds, enriching participants' horizons and leading to innovative solutions beyond expectations.


The Marketing School experience provided participants with a unique opportunity to step out of their daily routines and return with a fresh perspective.



managers trained on product & innovation design with a certificate of attendance issued by Sapienza University of Rome.

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