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The goal was to connect the most prominent agrifood companies operating in Italy with each other, institutions, and young minds, to exchange expertise, create synergies, and originate new partnerships and market opportunities.

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Food is essential in our lives, embodying the rich traditions of a country. Italy stands at the forefront of food culture, a vision that finds its highest expression in the Food Valley. But how is the Italian food sector perceived globally? What are the true opportunities that Italy can build upon for its future, and what are the threats it must confront?

The global food sector is a major contributor to climate change, and with the challenge of feeding up to 10 billion people by 2050, we must strive for sustainable food systems. Italy, despite its renowned culinary reputation, is not exempt from this challenge. To ensure a sustainable future, we need to embrace diverse perspectives and create innovative solutions that can enhance the national supply chain.

This is the reason why the Food Talent Camp came into existence.

In order to address Italian food sustainability challenges, the Italian Food Union, in collaboration with the European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability, has organized the first Food Talent Camp in the heart of the Food Valley.


Up to 20 talented individuals have been chosen, based on merit, to witness an intense week of study experience free of charge (thanks to the support of partner companies). The program included company visits, structured group work, and expert meetings.


At the end of the week, the talents presented their insights to the CEOs of the partner companies, to officers of national and international institutions, and the press, during an exclusive event hosted at the Castle of Tabiano.

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The Food Talent Camp, by the Italian Food Union and the European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability, brought 20 talents together for a week of immersive learning on food sustainability in Italy.



talents trained on Italy's agrifood sustainability aspects with a certificate
of attendance issued by EIIS - European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability and Italian Food Union. 

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