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Food & Sustainability Management - The Middle East Challenge

In the Middle East climate change and perpetuating conflicts are seriously threatening food security. Making food available and accessible to everyone is the challenge. To tackle it, a new generation of agri-food leaders and strong partnerships are required.

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Online + On-Site Experience

Modules will run live every week on our Digital Campus

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Fall 2023

Duration is 11 weeks

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What you will learn

By participating in 10 tailor-made and interactive modules, you will learn to:

Recognize the inconsistencies affecting the Middle Eastern food system, from climate change to armed conflict,  and their impact on food security

Explore the public and private sector’s tools and partnerships to help improve people and Planet health in the Middle East

Identify the most relevant and suitable agricultural practices to ensure the application of a circular economy and a more sustainable and regenerative agri-food system

Measure the impact of sustainability-related actions on business' efficiency and performance and on the surrounding economical, environmental and social context



Course's Partners

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Based Learning

In all our courses you will find yourself completely engaged in a challenge. Work with your teammates and exploit your talent by finding a solution to real existing problems of the most representative companies. CBL methodology will help you gain in-depth subject knowledge and develop the skills needed to thrive in a changing world. 

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Here are the steps to reach your goal, held by the most authoritative experts on the field.

Commitment to the SDGs

EIIS is committed to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the 2030 United Nations Agenda. Through this Executive Program you can contribute to the achievement of the following goals: