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Food & Sustainability

Food sustainability is one of the most critical challenges of our time. Fixing the broken food system is not just the right thing to do. It is what people - consumers - increasingly want. In order to take on this challenge, a new generation of food leaders is required.

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Online + On-Site Experience

Modules will run live every week on our Digital Campus

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March 2023

Duration is 10 weeks

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What you will learn

By participating in dynamic and interactive modules, featuring the most authoritative food sustainability experts, you will learn to:

Recognize the paradoxes affecting our food system and the impact of food on our Planet.

Study and understand practices and policies to fix the broken food system, safeguarding our health and Planet.

Identify the most important threats to food sustainability.

Communicate food sustainability effectively and spread awareness about it.

Actively help countries improve the sustainability of their food systems.

Work with food in a sustainable way.


Meet some of the course experts. Join in conversation with these professionals and develop your own passion for food sustainability.


Course's Partners


Based Learning

Throughout the course, you will collaborate with a diverse team from across the globe to address a major food-related challenge. This challenge will serve as your opportunity to apply what you have learned in each module, leverage your strengths, and develop a deeper understanding as you actively engage in the topics related to the course.

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Course content

Here are the steps to reach your goal, held by the most authoritative experts on the field.