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Finance & Sustainability

Financing the Green and Greening the Finance

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Self-paced with regular deadlines.

Modules will run every two weeks on our Executive Online Campus. 
The Networking Event will be held in Rome.

Self-paced + Networking Event

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January 2024

Duration is 10 weeks

3 hrs/week

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What you will learn

The Program will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts, challenges, and opportunities in sustainable finance, and will equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to build a more sustainable future through their investment and financial decision-making activities.

Assess and manage the environmental and social risks and opportunities of financial products and strategies

Navigate the regulatory landscape of sustainable finance

Use data and metrics to measure the impact of sustainable finance initiatives

Engage and communicate with stakeholders on sustainable finance investments

What you earn

By attending the Executive Program in Finance & Sustainability, you will earn a certificate recognized by the European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability (EIIS).
To earn the certificate, you must diligently complete all learning materials, meet weekly deadlines, watch each video, and finish related assignments in a timely manner.

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Course's Partner



Meet some of the course's experts. Get ready to be engaged by their incredible passion!

Program content

Here are the steps to reach your goal, held by the most authoritative experts in the field.

Commitment to the SDGs

EIIS is committed to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the 2030 United Nations Agenda. Through this Executive Program you can contribute to the achievement of the following goals:

Are you the right candidate for this program?

This Program requires passion and commitment. Show us that you are the right candidate and you can bring value to the course and to all its participants.