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Vicky Smith

Founder of Earth -

Vicky has worked in worked in tourism since the mid-90s, and sustainable tourism since the mid-00s, in destinations, marketing and ecommerce, heading up operations abroad and online for major tour operators, online travel agents and media, in mainstream, schools, ski, safari, charity challenges and volunteer tourism, NGOs and sustainable tourism accreditation organisations.
She’s been a ski guide and resort manager, is a qualified game ranger in Africa and trustee for SEED Madagascar sustainable development charity, is part of the development team for the Global and European Ecotourism Networks, and has led charity and voluntourism challenges, such hiking up Kilimanjaro, kayaking the Zambezi and trekking the Sahara, supporting local initiatives such as education, health and conservation.
Vicky’s published MSc paper was pioneering and a top 10 download of all time in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism: "Volunteer tourism, greenwashing and understanding responsible marketing using market signalling theory".
In 2017, Vicky founded Earth Changers to promote the best transformative, sustainable tourism around the world, to get more tourists into destinations creating proven positive impact sustainable development, to help people find and book life-changing places with world-changing people for extraordinary experiences with purpose. It certainly proved to be an extreme startup rollercoaster through Covid!

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