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Eduardo Lebre

CEO & Founder - Circular Unity

Eduardo Lebre is the CEO and founder of Circular Unity, a company that helps co-create a sustainable future by providing solutions for Sustainability, ESG, SDGs, Technology, Circular and Regenerative Economies. He is an expert in automation, carbon accounting, public relations, operations, business development, business intelligence, product engineering, data analysis, quality assurance, and software engineering.

He is passionate about solving complex problems that benefit the planet and the people, and he has multiple certifications in sustainability, design thinking, and programming. He is also the host and founder of Sustainable Events Podcast, a founding member of MUSE, member at tech2impact, an ambassador of Positive Impact Events, and a member of Leaders for Climate Action. He speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, and some Polish, he has extensive experience in working with global teams and clients and his goal is to co-create a more sustainable and inclusive world through innovation and collaboration.

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