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Tomas Zaborovski

Global Head of Sustainability Excellence - Bayer

Tomas is in charge of ESG reporting topics in the Crop Science division, focusing on disclosing main activities working with farmers around the world. In his career, Tomas has supported different sustainability initiatives and partnership activities involving diverse cropping systems.
Prior to joining Bayer, Tomas was Business Development Manager for consultancy companies, where he focused business strategy efforts on business viability and e-commerce improvement. He also previously worked for Monsanto as a Brand Marketing Manager in Latin America, where he led the brand portfolio strategy for the Argentina and Uruguay seed business.
Tomas holds marketing degrees from Palermo University in Buenos Aires and postgraduate certifications from Virginia Commonwealth University. He also has MBAs from Austral University in Buenos Aires and London Business School. Tomas firmly believes in the importance of agriculture and its role in overcoming societal challenges like food security, biodiversity, climate change, and alleviating hunger and malnutrition.

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