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Gladys Morales

Program Director, Senior Officer, Global Head of Innovation - IFAD

Gladys H. Morales is Senior Officer, Change Delivery and Innovation in IFAD’s Change Delivery and Innovation Unit (CDI), Office of the President and Vice-President, where she leads the design and implementation of innovation initiatives and partnerships aiming to support testing, learning and scaling up of innovative solutions that impact poor rural people directly. She is also currently the Regional Ambassador in Italy of the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC). Prior to joining IFAD, Gladys led the digital transformation of a range of Multilateral Development Banks and United Nations agencies’ projects in Latin America, Asia and Europe; and worked for the International Poverty Reduction Centre in China (IPRCC) where she led the design of digital platforms and established partnerships and knowledge networks for the Global Poverty Reduction and Inclusive Growth (GPIG) Portal. She is also familiar with the startup eco-system having been part of the management team for a digital advertising startup in Indonesia and founding her own startup in Italy.

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