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Federica Gazzola

Experimental Biologist and Whale Watching Guide - WWF

Federica Gazzola, was born in Segrate (MI) but despite living in Lombardy has always had a passion and love for the sea. She graduated first in Biological Sciences and then in Experimental Biology with two theses in experimental marine ecology, studying during her thesis period the effects of climate change on a population of invertebrates associated with the coralline alga Ellisolandia elongata. She continued her education with a fellowship on allochthonous harbor populations by collaborating with the project "A Brick Against Alien Species," and combined research with environmental education and outreach. Since last year she has been a Whale Watching guide for WWF's Panda Sails project, thus managing to combine research with outreach, all with a passion and love for telling the story of the wonders of our sea.

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