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Executive Education

EIIS Executive Education is a lifelong

learning program designed for

companies that require to train their

managers on specific topics related

to innovation for sustainability.

How to become a leader for sustainable value

creation in your organization. EIIS has always

adopted the Challenge Based Learning: this is

a methodology that starts with real problems

and encourages participants to work together

to find a possible solution.


EIIS Executive Education enables your

managers to listen to and engage with the

leading experts on the national and

international landscape through active

participation based on instant polls,

tutorials, and live Q&A moments.

This material, provided for each module, will be unlocked 

once the previous one is completed on the EIIS Digital Campus.

The following learning materials are provided for each module:

readings and materials to be

accessed, so the participants can participate with greater awareness during the live meetings;

video and mini ebook versions of the


video assignment has to be

completed in order to access

the next module.


EIIS partners with some of the most prominent

experts, organizations and companies on the

international scene in designing learning solutions

directly related to real business challenges.