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Companies that want to be more sustainable need to innovate, but even though we often tell ourselves otherwise, change scares us.

EIIS works with leading European companies to design high-level training programs to prepare all employees for a mandatory and radical transition. 

Write to us and let's design together the right transformative path for your company. 

We work with

Our payoff is connecting sustainable minds, which means bringing together the best minds working to make our society more sustainable.

However, we know that diversity is the basis of any innovative process, so we have created two spin-offs that contaminate our actions. 

Spazio Taverna was created under the patronage of EIIS with the goal of bringing together the world of artistic and cultural creativity with corporate innovation. It is a place where artists, citizens and businesses can come together and share their purpose. Innovation for sustainability can only exist if we are able to imagine the future, a skill that is trained and enhanced through creativity and cultural exposure.

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The art of building
a sustainable future

Spazio Taverna

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We believe
that innovation
happens within the intersections

Taking inspiration from the renaissance era where humanities, arts and science intersection created a new type of knowledge and consciousness. Key activities are helping brands, companies, and institutes worldwide to explore how they can benefit and actively contribute to the New Space.

Image by NASA

Mobius Spacelab

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