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Executive Program 

Biodiversity & Business Sustainability

Save Nature. Save Business.




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Self-paced + Networking Event

Self-paced with regular deadlines.

Modules will run every two weeks on our Executive Online Campus. 
The Networking Event will be held in Rome.

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October 2024

Duration is 12 weeks

3 hrs/week



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2500€ (VAT included)

By participating in the Biodiversity & Business Sustainability Executive Program, you will discover:


The importance of biodiversity's role in balancing ecosystems and how to mitigate anthropogenic threats to your business;


How to incorporate biodiversity into your corporate strategy to improve brand perception and attract more environmentally conscious customers;


Why strategically manage biodiversity, particularly that affected by products and processes, can become a competitive advantage in today’s market.


How to communicate your commitment to biodiversity effectively and persuasively, engaging stakeholders and customers;


Successful case studies, hearing the experience of companies that have implemented biodiversity programs, achieving tangible results in terms of sustainability and profit;


How to acquire solutions for integrating biodiversity principles into your company's daily operations, from supply chain to personnel management.

The Executive Program “Biodiversity & Business Sustainability” will start in October 2024 and is reserved for a limited number of participants.

We strongly encourage you to apply soon in order to secure your participation.

Do you need more information? 

Book a free call with our Admissions Team.

Learning program

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What you earn

A Certificate of completion and acquisition of competencies will be issued to you at the end of the course.


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Meet some of the Executive experts. Get ready to be engaged by their incredible passion!


Introducing EIIS

The European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability (EIIS) is a place where education, research, and consultancy converge to harness the power of innovation and drive environmental, social, and economic sustainability towards new milestones.

At EIIS, we believe it is essential to transcend the traditional boundaries of educational processes. There are no teachers or students; only individuals interested in ensuring that learning is no longer the outcome of a passive process but an engaging activity defined by continuous interaction.

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European Innovation
for Sustainability


Watch the highlights of the second edition of

the European Innovation for Sustainability Summit.

Do you need more information about the Executive Program?

Book a free call with our Admission Team.

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